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Q: Can a card that is played face up from my hand (i.e., played by Rush) be defeated by a card my opponent flipped?
A: No, it cannot. "Defeat" and "Loses to" only apply to cards that have been flipped up within the same turn.

Q: My Glare of the Sun would allow me to strike, but my opponent played Rush. Which happens first?
A: In most cases, the order of these plays does not matter. However, if it does, the person playing Glare of the Sun or other similar cards should decide before the person playing Rush chooses their card.

Q: What happens when Mind Like Water is played against Measured Blows?
A: In this case, Mind Like Water gains two swords and two helms.

Q: What happens when One Sword Style is flipped up against a card that offers a choice of symbols?
A: One Sword Style would lose in this case because the card has the ability to produce shields, even if it is not chosen to do so.

Q: If my Strike! is defeated, does it go to the exhaust pile?
A: No, it is returned to your hand.

Q: My Intimidating Shout defeated my opponent's Desperate Defense but also lost to it. Do I get to Strike!?
A: No, because whenever a card is defeated (and Losing to counts as being defeated), its other abilities do not take effect.

Q: What happens when playing the variant "best two of three" and two mutual defeats occur?
A: According to the defined rules, the entire game ends in a draw. However, since most players are not satisfied with this outcome, Questing Gentlemen encourages playing another hand to determine a true victor.

Q: What happens if both cards would defeat each other?
A: In such a scenario, both cards are considered defeated, and none of their other abilities take effect.


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