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In Pocket Samurai, two players take on the roles of samurai who are about to duel each other. In this quick 5-10 minute card game, players start with the opportunity to draft the cards they want before dueling it out with those cards until one or both of them fall in battle. Pocket Samurai’s easy-to-learn rules and intuitive gameplay make it the perfect game for casual and hardcore players alike. Overpower, outmaneuver, or outwit your opponents to claim victory on the field of battle. Get ready to experience the thrill of battle with Pocket Samurai!

What is Pocket Samurai


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Our Kickstarter was successfully funded! We reached over 400% of our backing goal and sold over 1,000 units!! Now we are busy finalizing the project and hope to be selling it on this website within the next couple of months!

We couldn't be more excited with the response to Pocket Samurai at Comic-Con International! We are looking forward to being there again next year!

We had a blast at Cherry Capitol Comic Con! Thank you to everyone who stopped at our table and made it such a huge success!

Check out the video of our live interview with
9 and 10 News The Four here:

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In a realm far beyond our own, two wizards by the names of Richard and Ryan stumbled upon an ancient tome filled with magical knowledge. As they delved deeper into its pages, they discovered a way to channel their magical powers into the creation of board games. Combining their expertise in wizardry and their passion for tabletop gaming, they founded Questing Gentlemen, a company dedicated to bringing fantastical board game experiences to the masses. With each game they craft, they imbue it with their magical energies, transporting players to wondrous realms filled with adventure and excitement.

Who Are The
Questing Gentlemen

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